Tuesday, June 5, 2007

More about Akon's underage sex girl

“I AM ashamed about what happened. I got carried away in the moment,” sobbed Danah Alleyne, the 15-year-old daughter of Pastor Dave Alleyne of the Flaming Word Ministry of Chaguanas.

Once known just as a pastor’s daughter, Danah has become the focus of international attention, after her steamy dance segment with international singer Akon of Senegal, at Club Zen, which is circulating on the Internet.

Yesterday, a sad and remorseful looking Danah confessed to lying to her parents to go to the concert, but said she had been cajoled (persuaded) into going on stage.

With red, teary eyes, Danah said she had been invited to the concert two days before the event by friends, who are older than she is. She said they bought a VIP ticket for her to gain entry.

Danah said, “My parents had no clue I was going to the concert or how I was dressed. I told them I was going with my cousins for ice cream. When I left the house I had on a jacket.”

Danah said she had called her friends who picked her up outside her home.

When they got to the club last week Thursday, she said, they proceeded to the VIP section but were stopped by the bouncers who said they had to be 21 years and over to enter, and asked for their identification cards.

Danah said, “We did not have it so they told us we had to go into general admission and we did.”

During the concert, she said, Akon asked for five girls to go on stage but no one wanted to.

“Eventually two girls went up. Then all the people around me started rooting for me to go on stage. I hesitated and told my friends I did not want to go up. They eventually drew the attention to me and the white spotlight hit me.”

Danah said Akon’s bodyguard then pulled her up on stage.

“I told him I can’t be here but he told me to stay. I was scared. I was freaking out,” she added.

Akon told the girls that if they won they would go to Africa and she believed him.

“I got carried away. I began dancing with the crowd cheering me on,” Danah said. When she won the dance “competition” and Akon told her he was Africa, she said, “I was shocked, I could not believe it.”

About the heated dance with the superstar, Danah said, “It was three rounds of dancing. First, we danced together. Then, he picked me up…and then next thing I know I was all over the stage.

“I was in shock. When I look at the video now, I cannot believe that all these things happen. It happened so quick.”

Danah said when she finally got off the stage, everyone was telling her she had done “real good.”

She said, “I did not think much of it, like it was no big deal” but, now “I am disappointed in what happened.”

Shaking her head and trying to hold back the tears, she said, “I am sorry I embarrassed my parents and I am ashamed that I lied to them.”

Danah, however, is determined to put experience behind her. “I went to school after the concert and my friends are like, “ ‘We have your back.’”

Danah’s brother, Ian Alleyne, president of the T&T Crime Watch Association, said he was disgusted by what happened. He said, “She is a minor. She should not have been let in the club! Young people must be protected. It is terrible what has happened to her, but her parents are not at fault.”

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Boo hoo! What the fuck ever. That slut should have never been in that club. If you look at the pictures and caption on her myspace she is not remorseful. She's just a underage hoe!