Sunday, November 4, 2007

Imagine this!! 2 HOT Cheeks Buns to Enjoy Soon!!

J. Lo needs to focus on being an expectant mom.
The singer/actress, who looks five to six months pregnant, is rumored to be carrying twins. And she can’t hide that massive bump any longer!
Here is La Lopez and children-to-be at the American Airlines Arena in Miami on Friday night.
She should have two little girls. Two mini divas! Two Mini Big BUNS!!

Is He GAY or Not??!?

Its been reported that a major movie prodution house is gagging its latest rising hearthrob about his sexuality.( AHA!! Hmmm.....) This is because he is a leading man material and the company worries that news about his homosexuality will affect ratings. Its been said that he is paired up with his leading female costar.

Hmm... Does Disney count as a major movie production house?



I know that i've not been updating my blog for like DONKEY months and for that i ask for everyone's forgiveness! Promise to update my blog with more juicy tibits and even more bitchy comments and.... ( i know everyone been asking this) maybe my own pictures collection la!! Beats joining date clubs like Facebook or even worse, Friendster! Hope you guys keep coming for more cos there's nothing that i like more than BITCHY COMRADES!

Yours Sincerely,


Monday, July 2, 2007



Paris Hilton Making the most of her post jail Life.

Paris Hilton enjoys a dip in her hotel pool on Saturday. The heiress has been spending some time in Hawaii since her release from jail this past Monday.

I want to go to Hawaii TOO!!

McSteamy aka Dr. Mark of Grey's Anatomy Gets McGrabbed!

Public groping alert!!

Grey’s Anatomy hunkadoc Eric Dane, aka Dr. Mark “McStreamy” Sloane, gets the squeeze from actress wife Rebecca Gayheart aboard a private yacht on Sunday in Porto Cervo, Italy.

Gayheart, 35, got frisky in the middle of the boat ride, copping a couple feels of her hunky hubby. Dane, 34, maintained a straight face the entire way through his wife’s public crotch massage. Good thing the boy nearby was busy playing with his PSP!


Later in the afternoon, Dane took the pleasure in hosing down Gayheart’s derrière before she went topless tanning on deck.

There's seriously something wrong with the 4th picture!!

Opps! Tony Parker, Eva Longoria's Beau is a BUTT FLASHER!

Forget coinslots, how about full-on buttocks!
Eva Longoria and butt-flashing fiance Tony Parker ease their pre-wedding jitters aboard a private yacht in St. Tropez, France with family and friends.
The couple enjoyed water skiing together and jumping off the yacht (Tony flashed his derrière while Eva captured the moment on her digital camera).
Tony is expected to appear on the NRJ Music Tour before the couple’s July 7th nuptials near Paris.

Girls, HOT or Nay??