Thursday, May 17, 2007

Working Days of My life....

Hi everyone!

I am having mixed feelings about my job right now. Let's start about the bad things first. Temporary employment = Bad, Low Pay = Bad, Canteen Food = Bad (Had upset stomach today). And the good things, Good working environment = Good, Funny Colleagues = Good. So i am torn actually. Have been getting lots of offers but i cannot bear to leave the company. Its been a good place for me even though i was bogged down with lots of work at first. There was once when i was so jammed packed with work but at least someone took notice and gave thanks to me for putting in the effort. I was glad that person actually appreciates the hard work and gave me a pat at the back. Well i guess i will adopt a 'see and act later' attitude for this month before i make any major decision.

Hope things will be clearer soon. Gosh i miss you so much! Happy Mothers day mummy. One day we will meet again. :)

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