Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The music that is in my head now.

I cannot stop humming to this song. Sigh... God help me. Eversince i saw this video, my head keep replaying the music over and over again.

I think Carrie did a wonderful job here. She sang with her heart. You can see that. I thought she was a lil stiff and bland during the Idol last year...

I actually sang this song during Karaoke last Sunday. Damn fun! Hehehehe... Not as good as her of course but i did try. *winks*

Now for fun... i have added the Girls Outloud version of the song. Who sang it best?

Darn! I cannot upload Carrie's version of this song though. I can only upload the 3 bimbos/airheads/plastics version. So all of you who love them, Enjoy. I guess i'll just listen to the song with my eyes close. Im allergic to plastic. Sorry.

PLASTICS VERSION (Girls Outloud I'll Stand By You)

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