Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More news about Spidey and Myself

I cannot wait to watch the new spidey movie. Kinda miss his tight spandex suit. :) Has anyone seen the movie yet? Do tell me if its good. Im sure its good but after reading some reviews it seems like a letdown but still entertaining. Well.. im easily pleased.. hehehe. Hope to see u spidey! smuuakks...!

And those people who are into horrors... i would recommend watching 'Jangan Pandang Belakang'. A wonderful made movie. A lil cartooish but its 'seram' (frightening) enough for me to have goosebumps all throughout the movie. Very religiously influenced but its still fine for anyone of different faiths to watch it and enjoy the movie. Go Malay movies. Yeah i know.. this is the first time of fews.. that i support the malay thingy. Darn.. i know. Oh... SHUT up will ya.. *Winks*


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