Thursday, May 3, 2007

Arrogance Does Not Pay!! Look at Man United & Jose Mourinho

I am sorry to say this but both of these 2 super arrogant clubs deserve it. Hehehe! I have to rub it in i know. But they are deserving of that at least.

Manchester United:- Gosh.. what can i say about this club? They call themselves the red devils. More like a chicken who have lost its head. On a night where their 'devilious spirit' is needed, they went on to the match like a headless chicken. Oh come on.. your domestic dominance counts for nothing if you play like.. err amateurs on European Biggest competition (Hero Kampung) . They didnt just lose, they were slaughtered and put to shame! Where is Ronaldo ? He was too busy keeping the mud off his boots. Kaka was the best man on that night. Ronaldo is just overrated! Well too bad guys... Liverpool will be in Athens. Lalalalala.. 6th time Champions League Cup? Maybe. And Man u have only 2 to boost about. Blaah..

Chelsea FC:- Poor poor Jose... Well.. i still kinda like their club. They seem like the strong silent type. Very professional. But i think their manager lost the plot that night. Too bad for them. I would have love to actually play them on the Finals.

So which club do you think is more deserving to lose?

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